A case-insensitive dict-like object.


Class taken from: requests

Implements all methods and operations of collections.MutableMapping as well as dict’s copy. Also provides lower_items.

All keys are expected to be strings. The structure remembers the case of the last key to be set, and iter(instance), keys(), items(), iterkeys(), and iteritems() will contain case-sensitive keys. However, querying and contains testing is case insensitive:

cid = CaseInsensitiveDict()
cid['Accept'] = 'application/json'
cid['aCCEPT'] == 'application/json'  # True
list(cid) == ['Accept']  # True

For example, headers['content-encoding'] will return the value of a 'Content-Encoding' response header, regardless of how the header name was originally stored.

If the constructor, .update, or equality comparison operations are given keys that have equal .lower() s, the behavior is undefined.

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